Weight Training vs Cardio Training: Which Is Better for Your Fitness?

Today I am going to tell you about the weight training and cardio training. In these two training, which training is effective for fat loss. In the previous topic, I told you about the simple step of fat loss, this article tells you about What is more effective for fat loss in Weight Training or Cardio Training?

Most of you consider cardio to be very important for getting fit and losing weight, but it is also important for you to know that weight training also helps you to slim down and burn fat.

You can do weight training either with the help of dumbbells or by using a machine. Doing weight training can cause pain in your muscles, so do warm-up exercises and stretching exercises before starting.


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Weight Training

Weight Training is physical activity in involving lifting, pushing, pulling movements of weights.Weight Training is a part of all the exercises that come under resistance. If resistance is given to a large number of muscles that will in minimum time, the exercise is called resistance training.

Dumbbells, Barbells, Cables, Plate Loaded Machines, etc. Movements made on similar equipment are linked to weight training.


This is 3 movement involve in weight training

Isolation Movements are movements that occur near a single joint or uni-joint movements.

These movements are usually completely separated by a particular muscle or muscle group, hence the name isolation.

Compound Movements are Multi-joint movements. These movements target more than one muscle.

Compound movements are further as supported and unsupported, which is indicates the presence or absence of core muscles in stabilizing the torso while performing the movement.

Power Movements “Power” is actually defined as the time or rate of work, Actual power movement, speed is always a factor, But the movements that are structural are called power movements.

Structural means that the weight lifted during exercise loads the entire structure of the human body through the spine.

All power movements are compound unsupported movements, However, not all compound unsupported movements are power movements.


Benefits of Weight Training

Often, people give up a weight to do cardio, especially women because they are afraid of bulging muscles. If you feel a little hesitant to start a strength training program, then you will be inspired to know that weight lifting brings great benefits to your body.

We have given you some of the following benefits of doing weight training-

  • Weight training strengthens your bones, especially for women.


  • Weight training strengthens the connective tissue – as you age, so do your “tendons”. Tendons: the flexible tissue connecting the muscles to the bones and ligaments: the flexible and soft tissue connecting the two bones. Is needed and a strong body helps you in this way.


  • Weight training makes you stronger and increases muscle strength – it makes it easier to do daily activities.


  • Weight training reduces the chances of injury.


  • Weight training improves coordination and balance of the body.

Weight Training burns more calories every day. It is more effective more than cardio because build muscle burns more calories at rest. The effect of weight training is long term effect more than cardio it increases the number of calories burned after a workout.

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Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular Training is Physical activity that exercises the heart, lungs and associated blood vessel. And is that raises your heart rate? Cardio training is extremely important because this system effectively your body’s engine.

Doing cardio exercises is great for relieving stress and burning calories. But most importantly, cardio is the best exercise for a healthy heart.

Cardiovascular fitness is the abbreviation of ‘cardio’ which stimulates high heart rate so that blood circulation is everywhere in the body and heart becomes strong.

Cardio exercises help increase the functional capacity of the heart and improve the body’s ability to absorb glucose.

According to the American Heart Association, every person should exercise for at least 30 minutes five days a week.

The risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases by about 45% in those who exercise regularly. You can do a variety of cardio workouts both indoor and outdoor.


Types of cardiovascular Training

Continuous Training is any specific type of cardiovascular exercise in which a specific intensity is maintained for more than 15 minutes. like walking, jogging, cycling.


Fartlek Training was developed by Swedish coach Gosta Homer (1891-1983) in the 1930s. Fartlek terms that means “Speed play” is continuous training with intervals training.


Interval Training the general definition of interval training is intense action and intermittent rest or quiet action e.g. Sprint 100 meters, then walk and sprint again, the interval between them is enough to recover.


Cross Training is the use of two or more different types of aerobic exercise in a single session of exercise. Use more muscle in one session The main advantage of cross-training is that the muscular endurance throughout the body is perfectly improved.


Circuit Training uses different stations with different materials to train different muscle groups. This type of benefit means that you get both strength and endurance benefits in a single workout.


Benefits of Cardiovascular Training

Before doing any exercise, it is necessary that we know about the benefit from it, so that we can decide whether it is right to do it or not. In addition to weight loss, fat and calorie burn, there are many benefits of cardio exercise. Know the benefits of cardio workouts.


  • Reduces the risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer etc.


  • Can provide temporary relief from depression and anxiety.


  • Increases lung capacity.


  • It helps you sleep better.


  • This exercise also reduces stress.


Cardio is most effective than weight training at decreasing body fat. If more than 120 minutes of cardio in a week. Weight training is better than cardio to build muscle, A combination of weight training and cardio may be the best result and improving your body composition


It is very important to increase the BMR of the body to lose fat. BMR means Basal Metabolic Rate it means the amount of energy expended while at rest.



Combination of Weight and Cardio training is most effective for Fat loss and Weight loss.

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