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 Easy Home Workout And Its Benefits

Namaskar. Generally, most people workout or exercise to keep themselves fit. But very few people know what workout is. Some people name any type of physical activity as a workout, while some people considered exercising at home as a workout.

If you do not have the right information about the workouts then in this article we are going to tell you what the workout is, how long the workout should be done, what are the benefits and side effects of the workout.

Workout means to exercise to improve the strength of your body. A workout defines as A test of ability, capacity, stamina, or suitability. Strength training, aerobic, endurance, circuit all these are types of workout.


What is the workout?

The workout is a special type of exercise. It is a series of exercises in which you practice any type of exercise simultaneously and repeatedly. For example, if you have to work out to lose weight, then you go to the gym as it has all the necessary types of equipment.

Workouts are believed to be just 20 percent hard work and 80 percent nutrition. This means you have to be vigilant on what you feed yourself with and you just have to work hard on your body for three days a week. you cand do that in the gym/fitness club or you can follow my instructions for a home workout session. it is an easy process once you start.

Today I am telling about easy and simple workout be done ate home


1. Surya Namskar

Surya Namaskar is a very powerful exercise that involves the whole body.ie. It involves every muscle of the body. It is a well-known form of Yogasana. Surya namaskar is means saluting the sun. The sun is revered in the world as a form of energy and vibrancy, Surya Namaskar not only increases the flexibility of your spine but also increases the flexibility of your body in general. It is an easy and simple but effective form of exercise.

Sun Salutation


  • Improves digestion and appetite.
  • Makes the body flexible
  • Effective in treating constipation problems.
  • Improves physical and mental strength.
  • Improves body posture and helps build balance. Tones the muscles 3 and strengthens the bones.
  • Tones the muscles of the arms, shoulders, waist, legs, quads, cuffs, and hips.


2. Jumping Jack

All Workouts are beneficial for our health, But Jumping jack is an exercise that will keep your overall health as well as it will benefit your heart. You can do this exercise at home. Jumping jack is a full-body workout that Increases body temperature and pumps up the blood circulation of the body.




  • Improves your body stamina.
  • Helps to improve whole-body blood circulation.
  • Improves physical and mental strength.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Makes your body flexible.


3. Spot jogging

This is a very easy type of exercise that anyone can do at the convenience of your home. this exercise does not need much space. It helps in improving muscle strength and endurance, it also increases stamina.you have to engage both your limbs during this exercise engaging your core.movement of hands is important to get full benefits of the exercise.


Spot Jog Image


  • Bones and muscles are strengthened by regular jogging
  • Increases your immune system.
  • Your brain gets maximum oxygen and nutrients, which enables you to focus on work.
  • Helps to increase coordination and also helps in the balance of the body.



Plank is a fabulous workout that strengthens your core, spine, shoulders, and legs. It increases the strength of the abdominal muscle and helps in reducing the fat from the stomach. You can do this exercise very easily at home.


Plank Workout Image


  • Improve body postures.
  • Increase Core muscle strength.
  • Improves the balance of body and flexibility.
  • Prevents back pain by making the waist strong.
  • Makes the stomach muscles strong.
  • Metabolism will be better.


5. Mountain Climbers

A mountain Climber is a killer home exercise that boosts your heart rate and involves every muscle group of the body. This exercise especially targets the abdominal muscle. Mountain Climber is great for cardio endurance.


Mountain Climber Images


  • Increase your mobility.
  • Helps to boost cardiovascular health.
  • Improve coordination and Agility.
  • This workout helps to burn fat.
  • Stronger core.



The leg is the main muscle and a big part of the body. It is the very base of the body. Lunges are a type of workout that strengthens the legs and increases body stability.

This exercise helps in toning the legs and reducing their fat. This movement is involved in tennis, football, basketball, yoga. walking lunges, standing lunges, side lateral lunges these are types of lunges.




  • Improve core strength.
  • Improve hip flexibility.
  • Lunges can help shape your legs and toning glute muscle.
  • Boosted weight loss.
  • Helps to improve lower body strengthening.


7. Push-ups

If you do not want to miss workout or exercise due to time constraints, Push-ups are the best option to increase body strength. You know about this exercise right from the early days of school. This is the only workout that can be easily done by a person of all ages.

Daily push-ups increase strength and flexibility in your body. Apart From all this, there are many benefits to doing push-ups. So we are going to tell you about some such benefits.

Push up image


  • push up can be done to maintain flexibility in the body
  • Increase your strength and also high calories burn workout.
  • Push up to increase your testosterone level.
  • Low risk of osteoporosis.
  • Reducing the risk of injury.


8. Crunches

Crunch exercise is most popular among fitness lover and exercise as well as a sportsperson. this exercise done by lying on the back is not only easy to do but also quick to benefit.

through this exercise, weight can be reduced along with toning the abdominal muscles. This can be a good home workout for those who want to lose belly fat. Crunches can be done in many ways.

Crunches Image


  • Get a strong core muscle
  • Helps to reduce your belly fat.
  • Make your body flexible.
  • Helps in a weight loss.
  • Prevents an upset stomach.
  • Brings your belly to shape


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How long you should work out every day depending on your recovery period and the nutrition you take. The health expert believes that no more than 40 to 90 minutes of a workout should be done daily.

A longer duration exercise does more harm than gain.

Due to which you are also prone to many mental problems including insomnia, loss of appetite, fatigue, lack of estrogen in women.

During home workouts, our muscles use carbohydrates for fuel, which usually comes in the form of glycogen. Repeated long term training result is very little glycogen stores and the release of cortisol which has an impact on body fitness.

Exercise with correct form and techniques because the right way which protects you from injury And keeps you fit and healthy.

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