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What is weight training?

Weight training consists of a variety of exercises that are made for a group of muscles, such as the chest, waist, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core, and lower body.

When you exercise more than your normal physical activity, your muscles, as well as bones and connective tissue (tissue connecting tissues and organs) begin to strengthen. This leads to the formation of “lean muscle tissue” – muscles that do not have fat in their tissues.

Lean muscles are more active in tissue metabolism than fat muscles. This means that even if you are not exercising, your calories are burnt throughout the day.

Weight training is the most important part because everything is incomplete without weight training. But most women think that lifting weights will make them look like men. This is not true, Women do not produce as much testosterone as men, which stimulates muscle growth.

It is an important part of staying healthy for women. Weight training is not just for bodybuilders but for all levels of health and fitness.


Most of you consider cardio to be very important for getting fit and losing weight, but it is also important for you to know that weight training also helps you to slim down and burn fat. You can do weight training either with the help of dumbbells or by using a machine. Doing weight training can cause pain in your muscles, so do warm-up exercises and stretching exercises before starting.


Rule Of  Training

1. Overload

To make lean muscle tissue, first of all, try to lift more weight than your muscles are used to. This is important because the more weight you lift, the more weight your body will get used to. In simple words, lift that much weight, so that you can perform the repetition (the process of repeating a workout several times in a set) as desired. The weight should be such that it will be difficult for you to do the last repetition, but still, you can do it well.


2. Gradually increase the intensity of exercise

Gradually increase the weight you are lifting. There are several ways to do this, such as

  • Try to lift more weight than before
  • Change workout set or repetition
  • Change exercise
  • Do different exercises
  • You can make such changes weekly or monthly


3. Do weight training as per the need

If you want to increase your strength, then do weight training related to the same. To lose weight, you must do circuit training. This will help you lose weight.


4. Do not forget the rest and recovery

Just as workout days are necessary, rest days are also considered very important. During rest days your muscles are growing and changing, so make sure that you do weight training related to the group of muscles (chest, waist, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core, and lower part of the body.) Do not do more than two days a week.


The benefit of weight training for women


1. Body Tone up

Weight training gives women a better attractive and toned body and so they build the soft muscles that the body wants. but according to body experts, if women combine cardio training with weight training, they can tone themselves by burning more calories.

2. Reducing Body Fat

The high-intensity weight training is burned more calories. Through training, women will burn more fat and be able to burn more calories than cardio exercise.  Also, the body will stay in the process of burning fat for a long time after exercising. (Read More – Scientific Tips For Fat Loss)

3. Reducing Risk Of Injury

It helps to avoid exercise-related injuries.  It builds strong ligaments, tendons, increases collagen production, is the primary fiber of connective tissue, and weight lifting. This reduces bone delicate and strengthens muscles, thus avoiding the risk of injury.

4. Improve Muscle Strength

Weight training helps increase your body strength and muscle power, strengthen muscles when you lift weight .older women improve muscle capacity, strength, and fat loss by doing high-intensity training.

5. Increasing Flexibility

The posture should be held for at least 10 seconds while stretching and the goal should be to increase the range every time. For maximum safety and effectiveness, stretches should be done at the end of each day of exercise. (Read More – 12 Steps Of Surya Namaskar and Advantages)

6. Improve Mood

Helps to improve positive effects on mental health Endorphins that are released during aerobic activity are also present during weight training and it helps to improve mood.

7. Healthy Hearts

Strength training gets a positive effect on cardiovascular disease. Training increases your good cholesterol (HDL) and decreases bad cholesterol (LDL) in the also helps reduce your blood pressure.

8. Build Strong Bone

Weight training helps in strengthening your bones because during training, muscles and bones get damaged and we eat the right food to replenish it and hence our body muscles and bones become stronger. (Read More –Muscle Anatomy Know about every muscle part of your body)

9. Boost Metabolism

Weight training boosts up your metabolism, and it can increase in a day after you finish your workout. it means using more calories. And you gain more muscle, your body naturally burns more calories.

10. Improve Body Postures

You can correct the posture of your body by weight training because lifting the weight has an effect on every part of the body and it will strengthen the body, strengthening the bones and strengthening the muscle along with it.

11. Weight Management

Most women feel that weight training is just a men’s thing. But this is not true. Weight training not only helps to make women physically powerful, but it is also the best way for them to improve their overall health. Through this, they can better control their body fat and weight, so that their body shape is maintained.

12. Hormonal Balance

Weight training can be a great way for women to get rid of hormone imbalances. Losing weight can improve your body’s response to insulin, which will keep stress-related cortisol levels under control.

This will keep your body tissue healthy. Insulin resistance problems have been found in many women suffering from PCOS. Increased insulin levels can lead to hormone imbalance. Weight training can effectively overcome these problems.



This is to say that weight training is necessary for women because women get an aesthetic body by training and women do not make muscles like men.

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