As the summer season approaches, there are problems of hot sun, sweating, dehydration, lethargy and lack of energy, etc.  Therefore, it is very important to keep your body healthy in this season.  Today we will give you information about how to make health in summer.

The summer season requires more care than the other seasons.  Scorching sun is more likely to cause heatstroke and fever.  How can you protect your body from all these troubles.  For this you need to pay special attention to your food and to your routine.

In today’s article, we will tell you about how to make health in summer, let’s know it in detail.  

How to make health in summer?

To stay healthy in summer, you should do the following home remedies.  

1. Avoid going in the sun

We know that there is very strong sunlight after noon in the summer season, so avoid getting sunlight as much as possible during the summer days.  If you have any work, complete it by noon, because there is more strong sun after noon.  There is a possibility of sunstroke in strong sunlight.

2. Drink water

Drink as much cold water as possible during summer, as it helps in lowering the body temperature and prevents damage to the body due to high temperature.  So drink one or two sips of cold water every 15 minutes.  This will not cause dehydration in the body and the toxins deposited in the body through urine will also come out.  Apart from this, if you go out somewhere during the day, then definitely take a bottle of water with you.

3. Avoid Cooler & Ac

Most of the people whenever they come home from the sun, they go to the cooler and sit in AC to remove the heat.  But if you want to be healthy in summer, then avoid doing this, because whenever you come from the sun, your body is warm.  Immediately moving to the cooler and AC, the body temperature changes completely, which can cause health problems.  After coming from outside in the gum, normalize the body temperature by sitting in a normal place for a while.

4.Concentrate on food for health

Summer season requires special attention to your food, so you should only eat foods that help keep your body cool.  Do not eat spicy food, spicy food, fried things and bassa or last night food in summer.  In this season, you should eat normal food such as rice, lentils, roti, green vegetables, papad, curd, lemon and pickle etc.

5.Have an energy drink

Due to perspiration, there is a lack of water in our body and due to lack of self, energy is also lost in the body.  So if you want to keep your body healthy during the summer season, then drink energy drink.  For this, you can consume fruit juice.  In the summer, you should consume lemonade, coconut water, buttermilk, milkshake, fruit juice and peppermint water for health.  Apart from this, you should eat green salad, cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, melon etc. for energy.  For good health, avoid cold drinks during summer season.

6.Dressed in cotton

The nights are also hot and restless due to hot winds and heat waves during summer.  To avoid this, wear light and loose cotton clothes at night.  Bed sheets, bedsheets and pillow covers also use cotton instead of synthetic or polyester.  Do not rub the face excessively while sweating and use a cotton handkerchief.  With all these arrangements, you can easily withstand the heat.

7. Take care of skin

Due to strong sunlight in the summer, the moisture from the face dissipates and the skin becomes dry.  Apart from this, face time also falls due to Sun Ten, which seems to be bad to see.  Use sunscreen to keep skin healthy during summer season.  Because protection from sun rays is important for your face, hands, feet or any part of the body.  Ultraviolet rays of the sun can permanently damage your skin.  Due to which sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines can appear on the face.

8.Bathing with cold water

If you want to keep yourself fresh throughout the day in summer, then take a shower daily with cold water.  Bathing with cold water keeps the pores of your skin closed and does not cause pimples.

9. Maintain skin care hygiene in summer

To keep yourself fresh in the summer, it is important to maintain hygiene.  It is also important that you bathe twice a day.  This will not only keep your skin fresh, but you will also be able to cope with the slowness occurring in summer.  It is good if you take a bucket bath with neem leaves.  People who suffer from body odor can also take bath with neem leaves.

10.Take care while going out of the house

Whenever you go out in the sun during the summer season, always cover the face, put a cap on the head and put glasses in the eyes.  Also keep a water bottle with you.  Wear shoes that are comfortable.  By doing all these measures, you can stay healthy even in summer.

11. Get outside to exercise

Choose an outdoor activity – going on a hike, taking a nature walk, playing tag with your kids, cycling, roller blading or swimming – to shed that copped-up feeling of gym workouts. And remember, the family that plays together not only fits together – it’s also a great way to build a relationship.

12.Sleep Well

Insist on getting up later on long summer days. Instead, focus on good sleep hygiene keeping in mind the same sleeping and waking schedule and do not drink alcohol within three hours of sleep. It is a good idea to avoid naps during the day unless you take them at the same time every day, for the same amount of time.

12. Vacation

Take advantage of the slow summer hours to reduce your leisure time. The holidays have many benefits, They can help reduce your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones such as cortisol, which contributes to widening one’s waistline and increasing the risk of heart disease.

13. Treat your eyes well

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