COVID-19 Safety And Precaution For Gym

COVID-19 – Safety And Precautions


Today we talk about COVID -19 safety and precautions for the gym. CORONAVIRUS – Go to the gyms or not? As COVID-19 cases increase, doubts grow. Should we change our daily life, abandon some of our activities so as not to be exposed to Covid-19?

Gyms are not dangerous places, or at least they are not dangerous places more than other places in which large numbers of people are concentrated.

“The coronavirus is not transmitted through sweat,” recalls Dr. Juan Gestal, professor emeritus in preventive medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela in La Voz de GaliciaThe virus is spread by droplets from the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs or breathes.


Now more than 55 thousand cases of COVID-19 are coming in the country every day, meanwhile, Unlock 3 is also going to start in the country.  But there is good news for fitness lovers sitting at home for four months.  The government has permitted to reopen the gym and yoga centers from August 5.

However, experts are still advising people to avoid going to the gym and do outdoor exercise.  It is said that before going to the gym, you have to make yourself mentally strong and remove the fear of corona from your mind.


“Hygiene measures are important in all gyms. By sharing the weights and the machines, it is necessary to avoid the transmission by the contact, to make the effort to avoid as much as possible to touch the face with the hands during the session.

After training, if you don’t shower at the gym, at least washes your hands well. Sports centers are full of contact surfaces (weights, machines, door handles, lockers, etc.) that have been touched many times by users, which is why it is so important to follow certain hygiene measures

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COVID-19- Safety And Precaution for gym

If you go to the gym, keep these important things in mind

1. Cleaning surfaces

During exercise in the gym, clean other surfaces of the gym as well.  Although it is difficult to clean gym equipment due to the metal and shape, according to experts, we can reduce the risk by changing our habits.


2. Exercise in non AC

In COVID-19Avoid exercising in AC.  Those people who are thinking of starting a gym should prefer a non-AC gym.  Also, check cross ventilation in the gym.  This will give you protection in many ways.


3.Wash hands before and after activity

This endlessly repeated tip is especially important in the gym setting, where contact surfaces are plentiful. Apart from standing within two meters of an infected person for long enough, the main risk is to touch a surface contaminated by droplets expelled by a patient and containing the Sars-Cov2 coronavirus.

In COVID-19, Encourage all employees, customers, and swimmers to wash their hands frequently and cover their mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing


4. Don’t stop breathing properly

In COVID-19, Breathing is a very important part of fitness training. This is especially important in weight lifting training. inhaling while tensing the muscle and exhaling while relieving the tension that needs to be done.


5. No sharing

Gyms are shared spaces, but sharing equipment is not ideal right now. Ask for the shared equipment, like weighted plates, barbells, dumbbells, treadmills, cycling machines, etc. to be disinfected and sensitize before you use them. Avoid using foam rollers and exercise balls, mats.


6. Avoid rush hour

This also applies to group lessons. Supervised activities are more dangerous when there are many participants, and therefore at peak times. For this, it is recommended to change our schedules so that the density of people is less.

This will make it easier to maintain the safety distance established by the WHO.


7. Use gloves to lift weights

There are at least two reasons for using gloves. If we touch an infected surface, putting on gloves and using dumbbells helps stop the spread of the virus.

Likewise, if this product had been contaminated by the previous user, the contamination stops there.  Gloves can be a barrier if you’re not used to touching your face when you’re wearing them. So wash your hands after exercising.


8. Use disinfectants to clean equipment

Another way to avoid contagion and to practice your sport safely is to wash your accessories and machines before you start using them.


 9. Pay attention to your towel

If you use a towel for your sweat, don’t leave it anywhere. It can be contaminated with germs which will end up on your face.

Prefer if possible a small hook to hang it or better yet do without your towel. And don’t leave your towel anywhere, keep it with you


10. Bring your mattress or at least your towel

If your class requires a mattress, bring your own. If you don’t have one, a towel to cover the gym one may do the trick. This towel should be washed without delay.


11. Ventilation

Ensure the normal operation of the ventilation system of the indoor space. By opening doors and windows, using fans or other methods, increase the inflow and circulation of outdoor air as much as possible.

However, if opening doors and windows pose a safety hazard to employees, customers, or swimmers, do not open them.


12. Avoid certain activities

“The risk of transmission of this type of respiratory virus does not only depend on the sport but the concentration of people and the type of contact.”

Explains Dr. Alejandro Conde Sampayo. “Greater the concentration, greater the risks”.


13. Keep sanitized towels together

Do not use clothing in the gym.  Take a sanitized towel from home before going for exercise.

If possible, take more than one towel or cloth, so that with the one you will be able to clean the face and sweat and use the other to cover the bench. (Read more – WHEN GYMS WILL REOPEN IN INDIA RULES)


Friends, in this post I have told you about the COVID-19 safety and precaution of a gym and some basic rules, have been implemented to fully follow all the rules of the Government of India, along with this, much more information. After you get gym reopens, when you join the gym, then you will be given better information.


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