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9 Simple Ways  To Live Leading A Stress-Free Life

Hello! Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Mishra. He is a 37-year old chartered accountant who is an employee of a private firm. He does his job relentlessly for about 10-12 hours a day and 6 days a week.

Despite being happily married and having a 5-year old daughter, his work routine leaves him no spare time to spend with his family.

Moreover, he has been experiencing extreme stress ever since taking on an all-important project in his firm. Meanwhile, lack of an exercise routine accompanied by his overeating habits has led Mr. Mishra to gain weight of more than 5 kg in the past couple of months.

Now, it seems that the surmounting stress has eventually taken its toll as Mr. Mishra has been diagnosed with hypertension.

Is there any wonder drug that can not only help Mr. Mishra ease his blood pressure but also help him establish a healthy lifestyle?


How Stress eats up your body?

Your body systems are designed to cope with stress but to a limited extent only. Stress levels exceeding a certain threshold can jolt your body endlessly.

Firstly, stress-fighting hormones make your body consume most of its energy stores. Afterward, any imbalance in the regulation of your hunger regulating hormones can force you to devour as many extra calories as you can lay hands on. What’s at the end of the road? Weight gain, obesity, increased blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems!

If there were a beam balance so large that you could compare the importance of your work and health together then definitely, health would weigh tons more than your work!


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Your Passport to Heaven; the Nine Golden Tips:
Are you fed up with your stressful life? Stop right there! Take a good look at the following 9 ways of leading a “stress-free” life:


1. Learn to take it slow

Life is a bitter race and the only thing which will get you to the end is a healthy mind and body. Therefore, if you are still worried about excelling in the corporate world, you better slow down because nothing is more important than your health. Keep doing your job but don’t make it a matter of life and death. If you are a student, keep acing your exams but don’t let the monstrous burden of your studies ruin your healthy spirit. Always keep in mind the concluding point of that race between the rabbit and the turtle.


2. Add physical exercise into your schedule

Devote some part of your daily routine to a physical work-out session. You may like to pump iron at the gym, run for a mile or two, walk briskly in the streets of your neighborhood, exercise at home, or play your favorite sport. Medical experts usually advise to walk at least 30-45 minutes per day and about 5 days a week. So, start your day with a simple work-out and feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day.


3. Eat healthily & stay healthy

Don’t let your stress take over the hunger center of your brain. Start your day with a healthy nutritious breakfast, followed by a palatable lunch at noon and a plain dinner at night. Be sure to take sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Don’t forget to add a tinge of vitamins and essential minerals from vegetables and fruits. If you want to keep your waist size under check, don’t push yourself for the untimely snacks during the day. Last but not the least, keep your tea/coffee consumption at a minimum!  Their main ingredient, caffeine, is not only an adversary of your stomach but also has known side effects on your central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

4. Say no to smoking

Feeling stressed? Want to grab a smoke? A bad idea indeed! Trust me, it would be the most horrible thing to witness the stress consume your mind, while smoking takes a toll on your lungs. Tobacco smoking has been declared a major cause of a wide variety of cancers and lung diseases. The same goes for drinking habits. Stay clean in case you want to see your children and grandchildren grow up.


5. Don’t ignore your nap

Whenever your body feels tired from the prosaic work schedule, switch off your mind, and take a nap. Keep your mobile phone and laptop off while you’re at it! A daily sleep of 7-8 hours is a must! Being sleepless will not only harm your health but will also wreak havoc on the quality of your work.


6. Learn to stay peaceful

Bring peace into your mind through meditation. Be closer to your religion. Visit your temple, mosque, or church more often and seek refuge from the negativity of your worldly thoughts. You may also cherish listening to some serene classical music. Also, build up some interesting hobbies to keep your mind engaged in seeking positive vibes.


7. Keep your family close

Do not forget that your family and friends also have a rightful place in your daily schedule. Be sure to share at least one meal of the day with your entire family. Share your problems with your parents or your better half. Spend some quality time with your kids. How about keeping a cute little pet.


8. A simple yet challenging advice

After so much brainstorming, we certainly have a purposeful solution for our workaholic friend, Mr. Mishra. If he adopts a few if not all of these golden tips, he can surely get his lifestyle back on track for a stress-free and soothing ride.


9. Reduce stressors

Many people find that life is filled with too many demands and too little time. Most part these demands are the ones we have chosen. Effective time-management skills involve asking for help when appropriate, setting priorities and pacing yourself, and taking time out for yourself.


Still, Confused? Have a quick look at this!

Your life simply can’t run on the slogan of “WORK 24/7!” Amidst the madness of work, you need to take a break and analyze your situation whether you’re living your life at its fullest or is it the stress that has taken full control of your mind and spirit. so follows this simple golden tip and live leading stressfree life

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