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Namaste, In this changing age, there is a lot of bodybuilding in the youth and different types of formulas are also adopted for it. Well, who does not like to stay fit and look attractive? We all want people to compliment our bodies and beauty. A wide chest is part of a good muscular body. If you also want people to become crazy about the shape of your chest, then we are telling you these eight ways by which you can increase your pecs daily and make the chest shape better.

To develop the chest, you have to develop the pectoral muscles of your chest.  These muscles are known as “pecs”. It is a combination of two muscles,  Pectoral  Major and Pectoral Minor.  Those pecs are the largest muscles in the chest which consist of several small muscles.  It supports the pectoral muscles including the latissimus dorsi muscle and the trapezius muscle around the shoulder.

The best and easiest way to develop the chest is exercise.  To make any men look attractive, it is very necessary to have his wide chest.  It is the dream of every manor bodybuilder to make wide pecs because it gives a very good shape to their bodies.

There are many types of exercises available to increase the chest of men, but people do not have complete information about doing them.  Pecs muscles help you in daily tasks like lifting weights, pushing objects, etc.  Along with this, you also improve your physical strength.   Let us know in detail how to build your chest.


Exercise for Building Chest Muscle

To develop your chest, some exercises which you can develop your chest by doing regularly. so let’s start,


Push ups image

1.  Push-ups

Pushup exercises are effective and the best easy way to increase chest. The best thing about push-ups exercise is that you don’t need any kind of equipment to do it. Therefore you do not even need to go to the gym to develop your chest. You can easily do push up exercises at home. To do this exercise, lie on your stomach on the floor and place the palms of both your hands on the floor near your chest.

Now, putting weight on both hands and toes, elevate the body and again bend the elbow of the hand and lower the body. If you can’t do a standard pushup with good form then you can keep your knees on the floor.

If you do not want to miss workout or exercise due to time constraints, Push-ups are the best option to develop your pecs. This is the only workout that can be easily done by a person of all ages.

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Bench press dumbbell image

Bench press Barbell image

2. Bench press (Barbell /Dumbbell)

The bench press exercise should be done properly and under the supervision of a good trainer. This exercise is very beneficial for widening the chest. When we do weight training and bench press regularly, chest fat is reduced and shape also becomes good.



Decline bench press Dumbbell image Decline bench press Barbell image

3. Decline bench press (Barbell /Dumbbell)

Decline dumbbell is very beneficial for a pectoral major. To do this, set the bench in a decline angle and take the dumbbell in both hands. Keep in mind that if the bench is not padded, then balance the bench with your feet.

Be careful while doing this and do it properly. One Arm Decline Dumb Bench Press brings stress to the central nervous system, which increases heart rate and tightens our chest and reduces fat.

If this exercise sounds easy, increase the weight of the dumbbell. If you find this exercise a little difficult, then you can increase your stamina by exercising the dumbbell press for about 4 weeks.



Incline bench press Barbell image  Incline bench press Dumbbell image

4. Incline bench press (Barbell /Dumbbell)

Through this exercise when we lift the weight with both hands, the range of motion increases, which makes the pecs much more active. When both of our hands are at the top, then the pressure is on the pecs the most.

Our muscles must know when to be more active and when to be in a state of rest. We should also keep in mind that maximum stress is on the arm muscles.



Cable chest press image

5. Cable chest press

The cable press helps to increase our muscles in a different way than other exercises. Because while doing this exercise we work against resistance. The cable press increases the stress on muscles while exercising, which increases the synthesis and capacity of proteins.



 Cable cross over image

6. Cable cross over

When you want to tighten around your pectoral muscle, you have to pay attention to each part. Also, first of all, Pecs will have to be targeted. Cable crossover exercises work to strengthen weak muscles.

While other exercises do not correct muscle imbalances. This is very beneficial for tightening the excise muscles.



 Pec deck fly image

7. Pec deck fly

Pec deck is a very good practice of raising pectoral muscle. To the pec deck, you sit on its machine seat, keep both your feet at shoulder-width distance. Keep your back firmly tilted with a PEC deck machine and keep the spine completely straight. Now move both your hands to the height of shoulders and hold the machine handle with both hands.

The angle formed on your elbow should be between 85  to 90 degrees. Now pull the handle of the machine forward with your hands. Then slowly return to the starting position.

This is a pec deck fly exercise, you need to do several things to make it straightforward. Keep in mind that increasing excess weight in the pec deck fly can hurt you. If your shoulder is hurt then this exercise is not for you.



Parallel dip bars image

8. Parallel dips bars

Parallel dips bars are a very easy way to develop your pectoral muscle. Perhaps you have heard that people often recommend to this exercise. Let us know in detail the method of doing this. To apply the dips, first of all, hold the parallel dip bars firmly. Now, with emphasis on the hands, lift your body and straighten your elbow. Your head and torso should be straight in the same line.

To stabilize the lower part of your body, one leg can be stuck in the other. Now while exhaling, fold your hands with the elbow and bring the body down. To avoid bending or swinging, your feet should be directly under your body.

Lower yourself until your elbow is at a 90-degree angle and your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Repeat this to the best of your ability and finally return to your initial position.



By knowing about these exercises, you must have now understood how to add them to your gym routine. Then start these exercises today, in a short time you will get a heavy muscular chest. If you have got any help from our articles, then share your experience with us.

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